Rubber compresses and bounces back into shape, so it is often used in sealing, cushioning and shock-absorbing applications.

Types of Rubber Available

Aflas Rubber

Polyurethane Rubber

  • Chemical and steam resistant rubber rods and sheets

Buna-N Rubber

  • Fabric-reinforced, oil-resistant rubber sheets

  • Food-grade, oil-resistant rubber Sheets and Strips

  • Food-grade, ultra-strength, oil-resistant vinyl rubber sheets

  • Graphene-filled, ultra-strength, oil-resistant rubber sheets

  • High strength, oil-resistant rubber sheets and strips

  • Oil-resistant rubber balls, bars, rods, sheets, strips and tubes

  • Ultra-strength, oil-resistant rubber sheets and strips

  • Abrasion-resistant rubber balls, bars, rods, sheets, strips and tubes

  • Economical, abrasion-resistant rubber bars, sheets and strips

  • Food-grade, abrasive-resistant vinyl rubber sheets and strips

Santoprene Rubber

  • Weather and chemical resistant rubber rods, sheets and strips

  • Economical Abrasion-Resistant rubber bars, sheets and strips

SBR Rubber

Butyl Rubber

  • Weather-resistant airtight rubber sheets and strips

EPDM Rubber

  • Fabric-reinforced, weather resistant rubber sheets

  • Food-grade steam and weather resistant rubber sheets 

  • High-strength weather resistant rubber sheets and strips

  • Weather resistant rubber rods, sheets and strips

  • Economical, abrasion-resistant rubber sheets, bars and strips

  • Fabric-reinforced, abrasion-resistant rubber sheets

Silicone Rubber

Kalrez Rubber

  • Chemical-resistant, ultra-high temperature rubber sheets

Natural Rubber

  • EMI/RFI shielding, high-temperature rubber sheets and strips

  • Fabric-reinforced, high-temperature rubber sheets and strips

  • Fire-retardant, high-temperature rubber sheets

  • Food-grade, high-temperature rubber sheets and strips

  • Glow-in-the-dark, high-temperature rubber sheets

  • High-purity, high-temperature rubber sheets

  • High-strength, high-temperature rubber sheets

  • High-temperature rubber 90° angles, balls, bars, rods, sheets, strips, tubes and u-Channels

  • Thermally conductive high-temperature rubber sheets

  • Food-grade, abrasion-resistant rubber balls

  • Super-stretchable, abrasion-resistant natural rubber rods, sheets and strips

Viton Rubber

Neoprene Rubber

  • Fabric-reinforced, multipurpose rubber sheets

  • Food-grade, multipurpose rubber balls and sheets

  • High-strength, fabric-reinforced, multipurpose rubber sheets

  • High-strength, multipurpose rubber balls, bars and strips

  • Multipurpose rubber rods, sheets and strips

  • Non-marking, multipurpose rubber sheets

  • Super-soft, multipurpose sheets and strips

  • Ultra-strength, fabric-reinforced, multipurpose rubber sheets

  • Ultra-Strength, multipurpose rubber sheets and strips

  • Chemical-resistant, low-temperature, fluorosilicone rubber sheets

  • Chemical-resistant, fluoroelastomer rubber balls, rods, sheets and strips

  • Food-grade, chemical-resistant, fluoroelastomer rubber sheets and strips

  • High-strength, chemical-resistant, fluoroelastomer rubber