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Nolan's Mill & Metal is a division of Midway Industrial Supply representing over 4000 manufacturers that cover the complete gamut of industrial supplies, tools & metals. With our extensive vendor base we can handle virtually any of your tooling or special metal requirements. The following brief overview is a breakdown of our areas of expertise:

Metals and Plastics - As a team we are committed to being the best source for your raw material requirements. After 40+ years of sourcing, our book of vendors for both metals and plastics is unmatched in the industry. We do it all: Steel Bar, Sheet & Plate, Structurals, Expanded & Perforated Metals, Tubing & Pipe, Alloy Bar & Plate, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Tool Steel, Spring Steel, Cast Iron, Castings & Forgings and Plastics. • Industrial Supplies - Midway Industrial Supply was founded in the late 1950's. During this 50+ year period and extensive offering of industrial supplies was developed to service our customers' every requirement. Our product offerings include, Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Machine Tools & Accessories, Measuring Tools, Hand & Power Tools, Fasteners, Tooling Components, Material Handling and Safety Products to name a few. The manufacturers that produce them represent the Who's Who in the industry. 3M, Norton, Starrett, Mitutoyo, Greenfield, Precision Twist, Niagara, Valenite, Jet, Milwaukee, Cooper, Stanley and Ridgid are only a few of the manufacturers included in our extensive vendor base. The 4000+ vendors that we represent include many obscure vendors to help fill those hard-to-find requirements. • Services - Some of the services that we offer include Blanchard Grinding, Surface Grinding, Burnouts, Slitting, Shearing, Production Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Cutting Tool Re-sharpening, Gage Calibration, Surface Plate Refinishing and Precision Tool Repair. • Catalog House Cross Referencing – The large catalog houses work on huge profit margins, in many cases well over 60%. We use special software that crosses their part number directly to the manufacturer that produces it. Nolan’s Mill & Metal represents most of these manufacturers, which allows us to purchase the product directly, at the same costs as the catalog houses. We then pass a large portion of the profit margins along to our customers, allowing them to put these savings on their bottom line and not in the vaults of the catalog houses. You can take advantage of this expertise by using Nolan's Mill & Metal as another option in your day-to-day product searches. Put our experience, desire to service and wealth of sources to work for you today. You would be hard pressed to find a sales team in this industry with more experience, and we can guarantee that you will not find one that is more appreciative of the opportunity to be of service. Thank you for your time! We look forward to working with you on your upcoming requirements.

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