Pure lead, a bluish-white metal, turns gray-black when a layer of the basic lead carbonate is formed on the surface when exposed to air. Lead is malleable, corrosion resistant and radioactive penetration resistant. Ranked #4 among non-ferrous metals (after aluminum, copper and zinc). Common applications are batteries, cable sheaths, machinery manufacturing, ship manufacturing, light industry and lead oxide.

  Lead Discs

  • Contains 98% pure lead

  • Used as spacers, washers and counterbalances

  Lead Wire

  • Contains 98% pure lead

  • Has a softened temper rating

  • Tensile strength is 1100 psi

  • Used for bearing alignment and caulking

  Lead Sheets and Bars

  • Contains 98% pure lead

  • Used for radiation shields, sound barriers and vibration dampers

Lead Wool

  • Contains 98% pure lead.

  • Creates a watertight seal when packed into joints

  • Able to be cut with scissors 

Lead Shot and Balls

  • Contains 98% pure lead

  • Precision manufactured to +0.010" creating a smooth finish

  • Lead shots will have a trade number - the rest will not

Vinyl-Coated Lead Strips

  • Contains 98% pure lead

  • Vinyl coating prevents marring on surfaces

  • Used for radiation shields, sound barriers and vibration dampers