Cast Iron

Gray Cast Iron

Gray iron is a hard brittle material with excellent damping characteristics and good machinability. This is due to graphite flakes which precipitate into the iron during solidification. Gray iron is a great thermal conductor with great wear resistance that absorbs vibration. Common applications are bushings, gears, pulleys and rollers.


Gray Cast Iron

  • Hardness: Rockwell C22 but can be hardened up to C50

  • Thickness & width tolerances: +0.250"

  • Meets ASTM A247

Shapes Available

  • Rectangular Bars - oversized unpolished

  • Rods - oversized unpolished & tight-tolerance unpolished

  • Tubes - oversized unpolished

Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile Iron is a unique alloy that is similar to gray iron except that it is not brittle and is able to flex with more fatigue resistance than gray iron. These properties are a result of creating graphite nodules instead of graphite flakes during solidification. Ductile iron is light and absorbs vibration.

Impact-Resistant Ductile Cast Iron

  • Yield strength: 55,000 psi

  • Hardness: Rockwell C20 but can be hardened up to C60

  • Meets ASTM A536

Shapes Available

  • Rectangular Bars - oversized unpolished

  • Rods - oversized unpolished